Hair Journal: Wash Day

photo credit: l’il ol’ me!

So today is wash day. Well, if I’m honest, yesterday was actually wash day, but I was too lazy to do it. I don’t know why. It’s not like I have tons of thick, unruly hair or anything.

I. Am. Just. Lazy.

Once the lethargy wore off, I grabbed a hair mask from Live Clean’s Exotic Nectar Argan Oil collection (stand by for an official review) and smoothed it on my dry hair. I pulled it through to the ends, making sure that all my hair was covered and detangling with my fingers. Since I’m not burdened with that thick, unruly hair I mentioned before, detangling is extremely quick and easy for me. I covered my head with a plastic cap and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

Pretty standard deep conditioning routine.

Then, just before I rinsed my hair out, I mixed a few drops of peppermint oil and jojoba and massaged my scalp with it for about 5 minutes to stimulate the blood flow. It kinda perked me up too. That lethargy was still lingering a bit.

So into the shower I went. I rinsed out the mask and then applied a standard conditioner. Let that sit for about 3 minutes while I washed the rest of my body, and then partially rinsed it out with some cool water. When I say ‘partial’, I mean I didn’t rinse all of the conditioner out. Oh, and the cool water is a challenge since I don’t have a hand-held shower head. Basically, I lean forward into the water so that it is only flowing over my head and not my whole body.  Brrrrrrr…

Once my hair was rinsed, I got out of the shower and dabbed my hair with a towel to get out as much of the water as possible. Then I wrapped my head in a microfiber towel and left it to soak up the residual water while I got dressed.  After getting dressed, I removed the towel.  My hair doesn’t take long to dry (per the lack of thick, unruliness), so all I had left to do was LOC and go.

I sprayed it with a generous amount of aloe vera juice, and then followed that with some grape seed oil on my ends and finished with some leave-in conditioner.  Slapped in a puff style and voila!  That’s it.

Later tonight, I’ll put in some twists to start counteracting that pesky shrinkage!

Until then,  I’m off to do some last-minute Christmas stuff.

What’s your wash routine?



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