Before Mark Zuckerberg’s entrance to the social network scene, there was Hi5, Friendster and ICQ.  MySpace even ruled the roost for a minute.  When Facebook finally eclipsed all the others, everyone I know jumped on the band-wagon.

I resisted.

Twitter came along.  Many people I know started tweeting.

Still, I resisted.

Humble Pinning Beginning

say goodbye to family and friends

I had no idea!
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Then one day in 2011 my brother showed me the latest and greatest in social bookmarking, mood boarding, self-indulgence, vicarious living, virtual hoarding, time-wasting, or whatever you want to call it.

Bro: “You haven’t heard about Pinterest?”
Me: “Wassat?”

He laughed and fired off an invitation to the invitation-only site.  “Prepare to lose hours and hours of your time!”

Pindemonium Ensues


This was soooooooooooo me!
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He created a monster.

I can’t tell you how much time I spent glued to my computer – browsing, pinning, repinning, commenting… My eyes were as big as saucers. And there was no limit to my thirst for craft projects, recipes and eCards. I literally lost sleep over Pinterest. I found myself anxiously awaiting the next chance I would get to log on and see what was going on.

compound pinterest

Save money, waste time, win-win!
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To be honest with you, I don’t know how I ever lived without it.  I mean, I can have anything I want in Pinterest World.  If I want that Birkin bag and those cute Tory Burch flats, I just pin it!  If I want to redo the guest bath in my fantasy beach house, I just pin it.

Tracee (as in Ellis-Ross) and I share the same off-beat sense of humor and Corinne (as in Bailey Rae) admires my personal style and taste.  That’s right.  We’re on first-name terms… kinda…  They pin it and I pin it too.

My next trip will be to check out the Northern Lights from the comfort of my glass igloo.

I can have that awesome twistout a-la-Naptural85 or that daring big chop just like Carlie Cushnie (a mini obsession of mine).

I just pin it.

Just pin it.  JUST PIN IT!!!

Feeling Much Better, Thank You…

So it’s been a little while and my raging Pin-o-holism is a bit more under control.

I now limit myself to six or seven hours a day and I’m way less competitive about how many likes and repins I get.

As long as I have at least ten of each per pin, I’m all good…

A New Home for My Afro Fetish — And More

The best part about Pinterest for me is that I have a visual of all things natural hair. It’s a great place to get inspiration and ideas about styling, as well as find out what’s happening in terms of tools, products, techniques, vloggers, and bloggers.  I can bookmark all the things I like and want to try and come back to them quickly and easily later.

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into curating my Nappy board.  I’m obsessed.


So proud of my nappy board – my ode to naturalistas and natural hair in general!
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Another cool thing about Pinterest is that it can provide some insight into people.  The things they like (or would like) to dress in, the foods they like to eat, the movies/music/books they are into, decorating, humour… you name it.  It’s a quick, at-a-glance way to get to know a little about someone.


I like other stuff too, ok?
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Come check me out and follow me on Pinterest… if you dare…



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