Setting Goals

LSE Sports Day, Malden Sports Ground, c1920s

Jump hurdles, cross the finish line and meet your goal!
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There’s a theory that goal setting means creating a plan for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-targeted (or SMART) results. Doing this affects performance by stimulating focus, effort, persistence, and cognition.

Simply put, setting goals make you concentrate on what’s important, learn, and execute the necessary actions to accomplish something. Knowing what you want gives way to learning what to do to make it happen, which facilitates MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Your commitment to natural hair (or anything else in life) doesn’t have to mean setting things in stone. It’s a good idea to think about what the end of the journey will bring you, to help you target more relevant information and fine-tune your regimen and practices. You’ll set goals today that you will reach and then you will set new goals. Or you may think you want to work toward one thing, and then learn things that will result in re-evaluating and resetting your goals. The journey may never come to an end.

So what’s my goal? What am I trying to accomplish? Good question…

Actually, I have two goals.

First, my goal here in cyberspace is to document what I’m going through, how I feel, what I know, and maybe even what I don’t know about natural hair — and possibly some other stuff from time to time. This is with the hope that I can connect with others out there who might be feeling the same way I have, who might be able to learn from me, or who can help me in my learning.

Second, a goal for my hair itself. My journey ends with longer hair. That’s it, plain and simple. However, I’ve come to realize that while the journey ends there, it will take about a zillion steps to cross that finish line. Long hair as a goal may be a bit too broad. Although I’ve already been a natural for some time, I’m wiping the slate clean today.

So let’s revise:

I need to improve my hair’s overall health. I can really zero in on increasing retention and minimizing breakage as an immediate goal. By adopting appropriate hair care habits, as well as finding products that maintain my hair’s health, I will be leaps and bounds closer to achieving my goal. That takes care of SPECIFIC, ACHIEVABLE, and REALISTIC. My timeline will be three months. TIME-TARGET is now set. At then end of that time, I’ll reevaluate to see how much hair I’ve managed to retain and whether my shedding has decreased. MEASURABLE progress/results… check!

Pretty SMART, if I do say so myself…

What are your natural-hair goals? Have they changed since you started your journey?


2 thoughts on “Setting Goals

  1. For starters I think that I was sick of my hair as well as my hair being sick of me. LOL. I have had a relaxer in my hair ever since I was a teen which was ump-teen years ago. 1988-ish to be exact. From then to now anything you can think of I did it to my hair. Quick weave, Sew-Ins, Tree Braids, Crochet braids, Semi Permanent color, Permanent color, Flip, Cut, Swooped, Rolled, etc. etc. I mean what ever came out and I saw someone with that style I was like, “Oooo I got to get my hair like that” I was P-I-T-I-F-U-L! So fast forwarding to this past Feb. I was just sick and tried of getting my hair relaxed. I actually dreaded the whole process when the time came around.

    So I decided in Feb 2012 NO MORE PERMS. But I was thinking of getting something in the lines of some type of braids or sew in. That was until my good friend and roommate from college was telling me to try going natural. Being dumb-founded of the thought I blurted out, “Girl NO my press n comb days are over. And dreads nope they are not for me”. She replied being natural is more than that. I was confused. I didn’t know what she meant because all my childhood life without relaxer I got my hair pressed every weekend and always had them in these ridiculous plats that I referred to as dinosaur braids. I thought that was all it was to being natural. I didn’t know our hair was actually Curly, Coily, Bouncy, Voluptuous, Naturally Beautiful.

    So after watching nearly almost all the videos on youtube about being natural my mind was made up. I was joining #TeamNatural. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it! So to wrap up this long story I decided to transition for 6 months and do my “Big Chop” on Aug 4th. Which I proudly confess that I am Fully 100% Without A Doubt Fully Natural now. Again. I already loved myself before hand but now that hair is curly coily it has been magnified x 10. My overall goal is to just be happy and healthy in all aspects of life.

    Thank You For Your Time For Listening To My Ramblings. Much Love & Many Blessings, Tameca

    • What a journey you’ve already had in your new naturalness! I’m impressed that you were able to make up your mind so easily about going natural. Lucky for you, there is so much to choose from nowadays in terms of blog material and video content on the topic of natural hair. Back in the day, there was not much…

      And on top of everything, a big chop earlier THIS MONTH??? Girl, you got balls!



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