Hair Crush: Whitney Naptural85 White

A little while ago, I talked about one of my favorite YouTubers, Whitney (aka, Naptural85). She had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Read that here and watch a video showing off her new family. I gushed (a mini-gush) about how great she was. How smart and funny. How knowledgeable.

Well, she’s all of those things. But have you seen her hair? I mean… have you seen it?


Napturally Beautiful Naptural85!
Photo Credit

If I could trade in my own hair for a better different model, I would probably choose something like this. It’s big and beautiful and versatile.

To see the amazing things that Whit does with her hair, check out her YouTube channel or her blog. With over 100 videos posted, there isn’t much that she hasn’t documented. From techniques to recipes, from style ideas to growth and retention advice, Whitney offers an extensive reference library for newbies and experienced naturalistas alike.

She has another channel that doesn’t focus on natural hair, but it’s also worth a peek.


6 thoughts on “Hair Crush: Whitney Naptural85 White

    • hi meg! i’m so sorry i haven’t replied to you sooner. been off the grid… like WAY off…


      i took a peek at your channel and loved the video of you and your sisters. beautiful nappies!!!

      thanks for checking me out. hope to hear from you again.

    • aw, i bet you know more than you think you do.

      there are tons of great resources online now-a-days. i highly recommend curly nikki and black girl with long hair, to name a few.

      stop by any time and check me out too!


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