Everybody’s been talking about UN Ambassador Susan Rice and her alleged botched handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack in September.  Did she lie to cast President Obama in a better light during the home-stretch of his 2012 campaign?  Is she competent?  Should she be considered a viable candidate for Secretary of State?

So the other night, the lure of late-night television was too much for my tired-but-insomniac eyes to resist.  Jon Stewart was in fine form, yucking it up about the soapbox sermon by Congresswoman Marcia Fudge in Rice’s defence.  Funny stuff.  Check out the clip he showed here:

My favorite part of the video is when Rep. Fudge alludes to not being the most educated person around, only to have her peanut gallery homie remind her that she’s an attorney.  In true Baptist Minister fashion, she checks herself and belts out

“…But I’m close!”

Knee-slapping, I tell you!

But seriously, I applaud Rep. Fudge for speaking out.  Her message was loud and clear: criticize all you want, but don’t question her qualifications for the job.  She spoke boldly and with unwaivering confidence.  I admire that.  I think we need to see more of that from women in positions of power.

I’m not saying whether or not Ambassador Rice was right, or whether or not I agree with Rep. Fudge.  All I’m saying is…

Mmmmmmhmmmmm… Preach!



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