The Soul Glo Effect

Remember that scene from “Coming to America,” the one where Darryl’s family is seated on the McDowells’ couch?  And then they get up…

Soul Glo Aftermath
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Yeah… Sigh… I call this the “Soul Glo” effect…

I recently went on vacation to visit a couple of family members. Like any good little natural, I was very conscientious about packing travel-sized bottles and vials of my favorite hair potions and concoctions. And, of course, I brought along my satin bonnet for sleeping. Hand-claps for the girl whose regimen travels well!

So when I arrived at the first stop on my trip, I whipped out my trusty bonnet (which “stays on all night so you wake up right”). The next morning, I was mortified to find that the oil from my hair had stained the pillowcase and a corner of the sheet! GASP! Same thing happened at my second stop…

SMH… Yup. This was now officially a problem.

So what do you do when your soul is glowing all over the sheets and upholstery?

It’s After the Fact… Now What?

Once the damage has been done, the best thing to do is act quickly. As soon as you notice the stain, you should wash the bed linens before the oil has a chance to set into the fabric. It is recommended to apply a heavy-duty detergent or prewash treatment, let it sit on the linen for about 3 minutes, and then rub the spot vigorously before putting it into the washer. You should use bleach (or bleach for non-whites) too.

eHow has a very basic set of instructions for how to do this. Check out their post here.

It is also recommended to repeat the steps until the stain comes out. You don’t want to put the linen into the dryer before the stain has been removed. Otherwise, the heat will set the stain and you will never be able to get it out after that happens.

An Ounce of Prevention…

You can always take steps before the stain happens too.

In addition to covering your head with a bonnet, put a towel over the pillowcase. This way, your hair remains covered, and any oil that seeps through the bonnet will be sucked up by the towel.

Another possibility is to put a layer of plastic between your head and the bonnet.  You can put on a plastic shower cap, or even just use a plastic bag.  You can even wrap your head in cling wrap.

(Vee just suggested that you can also bring your own, stained-up, soul-glo’d pillowcase.  If you’re going to mess it up, it’s yours to mess up.  Good suggestion, Vee!)

Doing any of the above will prevent the necessity to presoak and treat unsightly and embarrassing stains while still allowing you to protect your hair overnight.  You could be all the things you always wanted to be… beautiful… sexy… easy as 1,2,3… Can you hear the 80’s sax music yet?

Oh, and a travel-sized bottle of stain remover never hurts… that, and a gift-wrapped set of sheets…




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